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    P2006T Demo Version And Update


    Download and discover the TECNAM P2006T DEMO VERSION free from Wilco Publishing . The demo is a fully functional product, missing some features that are found on the full version.

    -  Custom sounds
    -  Engine
    -  Pilots
    -  Front nose wheel
    -  6 Other liveries

    How to use the DEMO version :

    . Set your airport to Las Vegas (ICAO – KLVS). VOR: 117.300.
    . Fly the aeroplane within a 7.8nm radius and to a height of 3000 ft Above Ground Level.

    Should you exceed these limits the interior will switch out to a DEMO placard as will the exterior. You can either fly back into the flyable area or reset your flight. If you buy the full version afterwards, be sure to uninstall the DEMO version first.

    The P2006T is a modern 4-seats light twin-engine aircraft.  It is an excellent trainer for twin engined aircraft as used by real life aircraft training companies.  It is stable and provides superb all-round vision with the wing-high configuration.The P2006T features STOL and rough runway operation capabilities.
    The P2006T project is based on the revolutionary, new aircraft engine, the Rotax 912S. This engine is specifically designed to incorporate the latest technologies developed by the automotive industry. The Rotax 912S is currently the only aircraft engine approved to utilize automotive fuel. Some of the benefits include: much lower operating costs, better power-to-weight ratio, lower fuel consumption,…  The Tecnam P2006T's empty weight is the lowest among its direct competitors, while the payload is higher.

    The wing-mounted engines relieve the aerodynamic load on the wing with a consequently lighter structure. The remarkable propulsive efficiency of the Tecnam P2006T is attributable to the low propeller rotating speed and the low engine drag. These, together with a streamlined fuselage, result in uncommonly efficient aerodynamics.

    To P2006T users, the v1.1 is now up and running with the following improvements :

    Refined views for Radio Stack, Engine Control, Switches.
    Overhead view added.
    Changed the GNS430 logic to power off correctly.
    Removed dimmer functionality. Only the avionics dimmers
    work.Corrected fuel selector animation and function.
    Corrected flaps selector animation
    Fixed dome light switches and cabin lights.
    Reversed carb-heat.
    Added more reflection to glass.
    Fixed landing lights.
    FSX fuel pump sound added.
    Changed the RPM gauge to Prop RPM as per tecnam specifications.

    Visit the TECNAM P2006T DEMO VERSION Product Page for details and download. 

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