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    PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane 11


    Just Flight, in partnership with Thranda Design, are proud to present the PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane 11.

    Following on from their PA-28 series, C152 and Duchess Model 76, this highly detailed simulation of the PA-38 Tomahawk has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life Tomahawk, G-BNKH, based at Goodwood Aerodrome with SportAir.
    The PA-38 Tomahawk is a two-seater, piston-engine aircraft equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear, 112hp four-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller – an ideal aircraft for touring and flight training.
    The PA-38 is flown all around the world and our add-on reflects that global popularity. The package features liveries from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and Germany.

    The PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane 11 features PBR materials with real-time environment reflections for superb quality and realism, HD textures for the highest possible texture clarity and numerous animations.
    For further details visit the PA-38 Tomahawk   Product Page.

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    A lot of today’s  real world airline pilots will have not so fond memories of this horrible little aircraft and its vicious stalls. But that’s not entirely fair on the little tomahawk, keep it away from the back end of the flight envelope and it’s actually a really pleasant machine to fly.

    Circuit flying and VFR cross country are where it’s most happy , but it does have a mean streak , take it to the local training area for slow flight and stalls and it plays rough, it’s not unknown to find yourself inverted after a simple flaps down power on stall.

    As someone who has some of these traumatic tomahawk experiences locked away deep within my head from my teenage years as a student pilot, I have to say Just Flight have done a magnificent job in recreating the aircraft.

    The feel and character of the aircraft, although only a simple machine, has been expertly recreated by just flight, the memories of fear and excitement came flooding back to haunt me.

    As the airframe actually started creaking when recovering to straight and level flight after a nasty stall the old flying club folklore stories of the T tail breaking off in a spin came flashing back to concentrate the mind.

    Even if you’re fortunate enough never to have been scarred for life by a real tomahawk you’ll still love this plane. Keep the speed where it’s meant to be and it’s an absolute joy to fly, and can be done so with great accuracy , the sign of a well crafted flight model.

    The aircraft with its low and slow profile , 360 degree bubble canopy , and large 3D analog instruments mean the JF tomahawk is simply  stunning to fly in VR.

    I have the JF Tomahawk in both P3D and XP flavours and if you’re looking for a GA trainer or a VR tourer this is the one you want.

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