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    Panel Builder 2.9, Now Also For P3D V2.2


    Panel Builder by simPlugins continues to make progress in offering more and more great features for flight sim enthusiasts who want to expand their "pit" for not too much money. In fact if you have only a spare monitor, this is a great start. You simply drag, drop, edit gauges and resize them with your mouse wheel. Single aspirated to 4 engine turbine gauges, they are there in the kit. Over the last two years Panel Builder has matured. The improvements are listed below, you can get a demo from the AVSIM library.

    2.9 Release

    Prepar3D Versions have an updated Interface for Prepar3D 1.X and 2.X
    Fixed Instruments
    OMI for FSX and P3D
    Smoother movement of Nav instrument Dials (VOR, ADF and Heading Indicator)
    Single Annunciators turn off without battery power.

    Air Brake Indicator (just like speed brake indicator)
    Amp Meter Round
    Flaps Indicator C172
    Round Single Annunciators - configurable (General, Engine, Lights)
    Airspeed Indicator with TAS Dial
    Artificial Horizon C172
    Analog Clock C172
    Failure/Inop flags for Airspeed Indicator and Artificial Horizon
    Oil Temp Round
    Oil Press Round

    EFIS Panel Builder:
    Autopilot Annunciator

    Panel Builder EFIS Add-On:
    Autopilot Annunciator

    2.81 Patch Release

    Dual Fuel Cessna

    Dual Fuel Cessna FSX
     (They are very similar to the C172 Dual Fuel Gauge but you can adjust the tank capacity).
     .2.8 Release:

    Fixed Instruments
    Helicopter Torque and RPM Instruments
    Prepar3D V2 Interface for the prepar3D Versions of panel Builder.

    EFIS Panel Builder:
    Aileron Trim Indicator
    2.7 Release

    Fixed Instruments
    ADF, RMI and RMI2 fixed.
    Minor cosmetic fixes to a range of instruments.

    Performance improvement for FSX and Prepar3D Interfaces

    Preparation for upcoming GPS releases.

    EFIS Panel Builder:

    Performance improvement for FSX and Prepar3D Interfaces.

    Visit the Panel Builder Homepage for further details and download.

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