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    Perfect Flight Flying America for FSX


    Perfect Flight has just released Flying America for FSX, another in its line of “all in one” add-on offerings to the FSX community. The software includes the Boeing 737-800, 717-200, 787-8 and 777-300, along with the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and Airbus A350, all in American Airlines livery.


    You are challenged with 15 missions to/from 24 airports from Mexico to Canada, including Acapulco, Boston, Calgary, New York, Los Angeles, and even Aruba for those who like the over water trips.


    As always, your flights are enhanced with recorded step by step check list procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descent, landing and parking). There is also now the new PES, or Passenger Entertainment System with free downloadable soundtrack that will play at cruise altitude for the enjoyment of passengers and crew!


    There is also the Flight Briefing providing useful information about your anticipated flight regarding the route, weather etc., along with charts and maps included via the kneepad and a pop up window.


    For more info, visit the Flying America Homepage.

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