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    PF3 ATC Update version 3.8.0,


    OnCourse Software are pleased to announce the release of PF3 ATC at its best version 3.8.0, this maintenance/feature update is FREE to all existing users of PF3 V3+. More details available from OnCourse Software Forum  .


    Version 3.8.0
    • FIXED a problem that could result in ATC going 'quiet' on you if you crossed a sector boundary shortly after being handed off to another control center and before you actually made contact.

    • FIXED a problem when resuming a flight which resulted in an incorrect altitude being given when checking-in to a new control center. This only seemed to occur if you departed using a SID.

    • FIXED a problem with Departure frequency clashing with Control center

    • FIXED a problem with Approach frequency clashing with your destination Tower frequency

    • FIXED a problem that could occur if AI aircraft were using a runway the user had designated as 'out of use'. In such a scenario PF3 should assign the next closest runway... this was not always the case.

    • FIXED a problem that could prevent you being handed off to Approach...this would normally be triggered if you were still too high when reaching your last waypoint

    • FIXED a problem when asking Tower for 'Field Advisories' at your point of departure and you would be given data for your destination

    • FIXED a problem when running the 'Add a Facility' function. This could be caused if the user had not run makerwys nor rebuilt the PF3 database and would result in the program crashing.

    • FIXED a problem that could arise when requesting a higher altitude which could cause the 'no speed restriction' call NOT to be made and therefore the user was nagged the entire flight to reduce their speed to 250 knots if
    they exceeded that speed.

    • FIXED a problem where Departure could start giving you instructions before you actually checked-in. This would only occur if you were using a
    VR program

    • FIXED a problem if you define a flight plan as 'Oceanic' and then hit the'Close' option instead of 'Save' you would lose all your changes but was not given a warning before doing so.

    • FIXED a problem where Oceanic Procedures did not become 'active' for your flight when you first define them and 'connect' to FS straight after.Next time you used the same flight plan, however, you would be prompted
    about the existing Oceanic Procedural file and asked if you wished to use

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