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    PMDG B737-700 for MSFS -- released

    Bob Scott

    PMDG has released the fifth re-make of its iconic Boeing B737 add-on, this time for Asobo's MSFS platform.  This first release in the MSFS 737 series includes the B737-700, the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ1), and the B737 BDSF cargo variant.  Future standalone releases are planned for the B737-600, B737-800, and B737-900 series aircraft--each will be a standalone, separately sold and priced add-on rather than an expansion to a base add-on as in the past.

    Details at https://pmdg.com

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    Buyers be aware.
    While this MSFS 2020 is a flight simulator platform with many issues, especially aircraft dynamics, this 737 PMDG release suffers from many challenges (bugs) carried over from previous versions that are still not attended. 
    Unfortunately, if a customer happens to point out deficiencies about the PMDG, is met with strong resistance, and most importantly,  if there is a disagreement or misunderstanding that doesn't sit well with the CEO of this company instead of a professional answer you might end up with warnings as such "infractions", "reputation penalties", "you are welcome to show yourself the door" or "I don't want you as a PMDG customer".
    Very disappointing and unprofessional.
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    I have actually received an infraction when I have pointed out what their price model looks like in a broader context 😄 That you will pay almost double of what you would pay at P3D for all the variants.

    Expected price for all the variants for MSFS 

    737-700 - 70 USD
    737-600 - 50 USD
    737-800 - 70 USD
    737-900 - Was not announced, but let's say that it will cost 50 USD like the -600
    Total: around 240 USD 

    Price for all the variants for P3D 
    NGXu Base Package - 100 USD
    600/700 Expansion - 25 USD
    Cargo Expansion - 30 USD
    BBJ Expansion - 30 USD
    Total: 185 USD

    And I was branded a "misinformation campaigner" for pointing out that them saying, this is a pro-customer move, is a lie, and a misleading marketing move.

    Welcome to the PMDG, everyone 😄

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