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    Port Au Prince International From Spectre


    Spectre’s first product presents a hidden gem in the heart of the Caribbean: Port Au Prince International Airport, or MTPP.

    Two years after the disastrous earthquake, that destroyed wide areas in the City and rendered the airport tower and terminal facilities practically unusable the refurbished terminal has been reopened. Over the next years a series of infrastructural improvements and modernisations are planned. Naturally, As soon as Spectre gets hold of enough reliable information about the extent of the planned works they plan to update the scenery accordingly.

    For now enjoy the current rendition of the freshly re-opened airport containing

    • photo terrain with customised tarmac, apron and ground textures

    • customised surrounding buildings and warehouses

    • customised vegetation

    • customised ground service vehicles from tow tractors and passenger stairs to generators and air supply units

    • detailed model of the international terminal, domestic terminal and the UN Area

    • including cargo and utility hangars

    • unique night lighting

    Drop by the Port Au Prince Homepage for a look at this new release

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