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    PositionGames FSXTerrain For FSX


    PositionGames.com released FSXTerrain for FSX, compatible with iPad, IPhone and iPod Touch



    FSXTerrain will guide the simulator pilot safely under many conditions including:


    -General aviation night flight

    -Low visibility takeoff and landing in IFR weather conditions

    -Flight in unfamiliar lumpy terrain, bush flying

    -Helicopter search & rescue or evac procedures in mountainous areas

    -Instrument flight training and non-precision approach practice


    FSXTerrain provide the pilot with two different views:


    Map View - top down shaded terrain with following extra`s:

    - NDB`s and VOR`s (FSX Only)

    - Flightplan (FSX Only)

    - Runways


    Profile View

    - side on view showing terrain ahead and collision impact location using green, yellow, red coloring


    Visual indications include:


    Green terrain - greater than 500 ft below the aircraft

    Yellow terrain - less than 500 ft below the aircraft

    Red terrain - at or above aircraft level


    More feautures:


    -FSXTerrain supports FSX Link. Easily switch between other applications which also supports FSX Link

    -This is an universal application

    -World-wide terrain data access (SRTM, coverage between 60ºN and 60ºS latitude).

    -Terrain elevation sampling at 90 meters, well in excess of minimim 200-300 meter aviation requirements


    FSXTerrain works together with the free FSXFollow pc client, download it and get further details from FSXTerrain Homepage.

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