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    PPL/IR Adopts X-Plane 10


    Laminar Research, creators of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, is pleased to announce that the European pilot organization, PPL/IR, has adopted X-Plane 10 as its instrument training platform.


    PPLIR (www.pplir.org) is a European organization dedicated to promoting safe IFR flight for private pilots in Europe. PPL/IR is working alongside both the NAA’s and EASA in promoting IFR flight, including making it easier in obtaining instruments ratings, certification of avionics in aircraft and, especially in the UK, GPS approaches. Europe has lagged behind the US significantly on this front but the UK CAA tis working with PPL/IR to try and introduce LPV approaches to airfields with non-instrument runways.


    PPL/IR has identified X-Plane as a very useful training tool because the flight modeling is so well done. The organization has set up X-Plane with a touch screen and the Reality XP 530W plug in.


    PPL/IR has approximately 500 members across Europe, although the majority are in the UK because of the traditional support for the IMCR by the UK CAA. This is a sub ICAO rating but qualifies UK pilots to fly IFR and IMC.


    X-Plane 10 will be prominent at the PPL/IR booth at the Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany on April 15th to April 18th and will be utilizing their X-Plane powered system to give demonstrations at their booth on GNSS approaches to interested pilots. The PPL/IR booth is in Hall A5, Stand #533.

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