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  • PRO-ATC/X From Pointsoft Released


    PRO-ATC/X replaces Default Air Traffic Control in Flight Simulator-X, It is designed to control Aircrafts flying under instrument flight rules (IFR).


    Here are some of the implemented features:



    PRO-ATC/X just runs autonomously beside Flight Simulator-X. Top priority was focused on to not restrict Flight Simulator-X in any way. The interface to FSX used is Microsoft's standard interface for FSX "SimConnect" - no other programs or modules necessary.

    Complete air traffic control by PRO-ATC/X from the gate at departure airport to the gate at destination airport.

    Worldwide navigation database containing all data for airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, departure- and arrival procedures.

    Convenient Flight-Planner. Simply define departure and destination airport.

    Automatic route calculation incorporating lower and upper airways.

    Customizing calculated routes is still possible.

    Departure and arrival procedures.

    Extensive copilot support for autopilot, flaps, brakes, speed brakes, gear, lighting, nav-radio, com-radio... All this is optional, you may even turn off copilot support completely - not a really good idea.

    12 checklists can be processed in teamwork with your copilot.

    Sound sets for pilot, copilot and controllers, specially recorded for PRO-ATC/X.Visit the PRO-ATC/X Homepage to find out more.

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