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    Project Blade From Lionheart Creations


    Ever wonder what a private plane will be like years into the future? Ever think that perhaps private aviation has fallen behind and could be doing far more? Ever want to fly something totally conceptual and futuristic, yet very realistic? If so, Lionheart Creations may have something you would be interested in. Project 'Blade'! A futuristic 4 seater powered by a 470HP electric motor, all wrapped up in a pure Carbonfiber sleek aeroshell with wide glider like wings.


    Lionheart Creations offer a free demo that has 2 paint schemes and 2 versions of interiors. The virtual cockpit is flyable for exactly 3 minutes. At that point a barrier pops up and hides the panel. You can still fly the plane though from exterior view or without VC mode. You can even reload the flight and start over and over, checking out how the new generation LCD instrumentation works, etc. If you think you must have more of the Blade, buy it for a mere song.


    The full version comes with 12 paint schemes and nearly as many interior variants. It even has concept USAF paint scheme liveries. The neat thing about the Demo is you can see what all you would be purchasing and also see if it will run ok on your computer. The plane is really fun and captivating. Electric aircraft are very quiet. Engine noise is almost non-existent except for a slightly perceptible humming sound, almost like a turbine.


    Live on the edge! Be the first on your block to have an electric aircraft! See your Blade dealer today!



    Visit the Project Blade Homepage for further information.

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