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    QualityWings Ultimate 146 Collection SP 2


    Service Pack 2 for the Ultimate 146 Collection has been released and are offering two possibilities to update installations to Version 1.2.


    Option 1)



    -Make sure you have the Ultimate 146 Collection Version 1.1 installed

    -open the QW Dispatcher

    -uninstall all repaints except for the QW House Liveries

    -close the QW Dispatcher

    -Run QW146_FSX_SP2_Update.exe or QW146_FS9_SP2_Update.exe as administrator (Right click – run as administrator)


    Download Links for the SP2 Updater (Version 1.1 to Version 1.2):

    FS2004: http://files.100megabyte.com/qwsim/QW146_FS9_SP2_Update.exe

    FSX: http://files.100megabyte.com/qwsim/QW146_FSX_SP2_Update.exe

    Prepar3D: http://files.100megabyte.com/qwsim/QW146_P3D_SP2_Update.exe


    Option 2)



    -open the QW Dispatcher

    -uninstall all repaints except for the QW House Liveries

    -close the QW Dispatcher

    -Uninstall the Ultimate 146 Collection by either using the Windows Control Panel or the Start Menu entry

    -Run QW146_v1.2_FSX_P3D_Setup .exe or QW146_v1.2_FS9_Setup.exe as administrator (Right click – run as administrator)


    Download Links for the Version 1.2 Full Installers:

    FS2004: http://files.100megabyte.com/qwsim/QW146_v1.2_FS9_Setup.exe

    FSX/P3D: http://files.100megabyte.com/qwsim/QW146_v1.2_FSX_P3D_Setup.exe


    Successful installation of SP1 can be verified by checking the Version Number on the FMS IDENT page or in the User’s Manual.


    Items addressed in SP2 can be viewed below:



    - NEW ADDITION: PFD / ND dimmable

    - Standard aspect ratio main panel bitmap not showing

    - PTU can pressurize green system, although yellow system unpressurized

    - STBY GEN not always working

    - Lift Spoilers deploy with AntiSkid OFF

    - the '40' callout, doesn't reset above 1000ft

    - When lower MCP Alt selected, plane starts to descend prior to TOD

    - No flap howl when controlling the flaps through FSUIPC

    - QWPAS: Sounds play even though you switch them off

    - FMS Progress page only displays 3 digits, cutting off the 4th when distance is more than 1000NM

    - FMS FIX page: Fix does not display on Nav display unless both radial and distance are set

    - FMS, Legs Speed only restriction not being accepted

    - FMS: incorrect climb alts when ILS approach is selected before STAR.

    - FMS: SAT should be the static air temperature

    - FMS Perf Init page: When entering forecasted cruising altitude temperature in T/C OAT field nothing happens

    - VNAV TOC calculation in FMS does not match TOC position displayed in EHSI

    - "Glideslope" callout missing

    - Saved Panel: Beacon Lights Switch not being set when loaded from saved panel file.

    - Altimeter: Alt bug only settable in steps of 100'

    - Lateral mode issue when switching from VOR/LOC to another mode

    - CFG, FlightDirectorType=1 setting being overridden by QW control panel

    - TCAS lateral range fixed at 10nm.

    - RDMI right selector toggles between VOR2, and ADF1

    - MCP not correctly switching from VOR/LOC mode to other lateral modes

    - Vertical FMAs don't display on EADI with FD engaged, lateral are fine

    - Packs sound play, although engines / APU are not running

    - Fuel System: FUEL LO PRESS annunciators shouldn't illuminate if wing tanks are empty and CTR TANK TRANSFER is on

    - ALT HOLD: Aircraft Descends immediately after entering new alt in window without V/S engaged

    - Brake Temperatures too cool

    - TCAS Gauge should show range arc when in STBY

    - default FSX GPWS warnings suppressed



    - Baro Knob does not work with mouse wheel

    - Oil pressure indicators don't reflect correct engines

    - Parking Brake handle not animated when parking brake message disabled

    - FO Glareshield annuns text mirrored when annuns not lit (FSX)

    - Pedestal window clickspots inop (FSX)

    - Some Ovhd Annuns misaligned (FSX)

    - DROP OUT OVRD OXYGEN sticker on FO side mirrored (FSX)

    - Displays not lit in dusk/dawn conditions (FSX)

    - TRP V1 label only reads "V" (FSX)



    - Flap lift slightly revised (FSX)

    - Contact Points slightly revised (FSX)

    - Vmo revised


    Additionally a couple of new config options have been added for customization. They’re documented in the User’s Manual.



    We made some changes and were able to fix the freezing issues on two of our test computers. Due to this limited testing

    we can not officially call this product Windows 8 compatible.

    Please help us with this and give us a small feedback, whether or not you are experiencing any freezing issues using the Ultimate 146 under Windows 8.

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