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  • Razbam Metroliner III SP1


    Razbam has released a service pack for their Metroliner III .

    The service pack requires a full install. You will have to uninstall the current version before installing the updated one.
    To get the new version you will have to logon to your account and click on the link.

    Included with the update :

    Bug fixes:
     1. Reversed Ailerons
     2. Torque Gauges tied to No 1 engine
     3. DE-ICE Gauge - Note: The gauge only shows a reading when Wing De-Ice is operating otherwise it reads 0.
     4. NWS Fail warning light
     5. Start Locks animation
     6. GPS functions added: Approach/calculator/auxiliary modes
     6.1 GPS Compatibility issue with FSX SP2: Recoded. Cannot test if it works with SP2 but the code has changed.
     8. Manual Update - Must read to understand how new features (like start locks) work.
     9. New Models and textures
     10. New "realism" gauge to enable/disable features like start locks and engine overtemp/overtorgue
     11. Minor adjustments to the FDE

    About the product

    Swearingen Metroliner SA227-BC

    The Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner or the Fairchild Aerospace Metro is a 19-seat, pressurised,
    twin turboprop airliner first produced by Swearingen Aircraft and later by Fairchild at a plant in San Antonio, Texas, United States.
    The Metroliner was an evolution of the Swearingen Merlin turboprop-powered business aircraft. Ed Swearingen, a Texas fixed base operator (FBO),
     started the developments that led to the Metro through gradual modifications to the Beechcraft Twin Bonanza and Queen Air business aircraft,
     aircraft he dubbed Excalibur.
    The SA227-AC Metro III was initially certified in 1980 at up to 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg) this increasing to 14,500 pounds (6,577 kg) as engines
     and structures were upgraded. An option to go as high as 16,000 pounds (7,257 kg) was offered. Externally, improvements incorporated into the Metro III
     were a 10 ft (3.05 m) increase in wing span, four-bladed props, redesigned "quick-access" engine cowlings and numerous drag-reducing airframe modifications,
     including landing gear doors that close after the gear is extended.
    The RAZBAM SA227-BC Metroliner for FSX/Prepar3D includes the following amazing features and innovative functions:
    Highly detailed exterior and interior models,

    very comprehensive representation of cockpit systems which include:
     → AFCS (Autopilot)
     → Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments
     → Faithfull representation of the EHSI gauge
     → Weather Radar
     → Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels
     → Detailed cockpit and exterior lights
     → Passenger and Cargo load manager
     → User's Manual in PDF Format

    Liveries included
    → Bearskin Airlines "Spirit of Sioux Lookout"
     → Key Lime Air
     → Ameriflight
     → LC Busre
     → Swedish Air Force C26
     → Life Flight MEDEVAC
     → Sharp Airlines
     → Perimeter Aviation
     → Toll Aviation
     → Skippers Aviation
     → Aerolitoral
     → Aerolitoral (Old Livery)
     → Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) C26
     → US Navy C26
     → US Air Force C26
     → TNT Australia
     → RAZBAM Sims (Special 10th Anniversary Livery)

    Paint kit is included

    Version 1.1 Includes the following:

    New models:
     → Swedish Air Force TP-88 AEW
     → US Air Force RC-26
     → Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) RC-26
     → US Air Force RC-26B
    New functionality:
     → New GPS modes: Approach, Calculator and Aux
     → Propeller start locks
     → User configurable realism settings


    Razbam Metroliner III Ver 1.1 (with SP1)  Please logon to your store account and click on the link.

    Please uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. If you have any specific configuration/livery, save them before uninstalling.

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