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    RealAir Beechcraft Duke B60 Version 2.0


    The original RealAir Duke has for many years remained a favourite among flight simulation aficionados, and has won numerous major flight simulation awards since it was first released. Version 2.0 of the RealAir Duke represents a major update of this multi award-winning FSX aircraft. Every area of the Duke has been updated, refined or improved upon, and every element has been meticulously tuned to work togther as a cohesive whole


    High definition 2048 pixel textures.

    Exterior 3D model and texture enhancements.


    A major update to the virtual cockpit modelling and textures, including a more detailed cabin and higher resolution textures on the panels, providing improved detail and clearer panel labels.


    More character and ambience in the cockpit textures, including dust and minor wear marks. Subtle details are revealed as sunlight moves across the cockpit.


    Custom sounds on all cockpit switches, table, doors, armrests, and more.


    Extensive custom camera animations simulating engine and ground vibration, overspeed and stall buffet, propeller torque reaction, landing forces, plus more.


    Extensive custom sounds designed to enhance the custom camera effects.


    Many more custom sounds and animations all designed to breathe life and character into the Duke.


    New exterior liveries.


    Five all-new panel and cabin colour schemes.


    3D model and texture performance optimisation to ensure similar performance to the previous version, despite the much higher texture resolution.


    Multiplayer performance optimisation to allow for good performance, and trouble-free flying in multiplayer.


    Extensive flight model improvements.


    Improved, more realistically sized gauges with dust, dirt and finger marks on gauge glass (with the option of hiding these dust and dirt marks if that is your preference).


    Improved gauge lighting.


    3D lights in exterior and VC views.


    3D landing lights with custom runway light splash.


    Drop by the RealAir Beechcraft Duke B60 Version 2.0 product page to see the screenshots and read up on the release.

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