• Reality XP GNS 530W/430W V2 For Prepar3d / Flight Sim


    Reality XP Redefines Legendary Gauge

    The Reality XP GNS 530W/430W V2 is a new simulation product, exclusively showcasing a new trainer version and offering more value for the money with authentic TCAD, TAWS and Crossfill included, at no additional cost!

    The GNS V2 comes with unique technologies: HDPI 32bits RGBA graphics for unmatched visuals*, highly optimized code for near zero impact to the FPS, and in-sim live assistant for instant panel configuration: no sim reload needed anymore!

    The GNS V2 comes super-charged with tons of customization options for panel integration, hardware interface, keyboard shortcuts and an unmatched selection of custom variables to help integration with third party aircraft.

    "We’re proud to offer you the legendary Reality XP GNS now on Prepar3d and Flight Simulator!" said Jean-Luc Dupiot. "Supporting more than 11 different simulators, from FS9 to P3D4 and XP9 to XP11, the GNS V2 accumulates 15 years of expertise in Garmin simulation and Flight Simulator gauges."

    The GNS V2 for FltSim is compatible with the entire flight simulator family for a unique price. Whenever you decide to migrate to the latest P3D4, your Reality XP product license runs from FS9 to P3D4.

    To further thank your continuing support for the last 15 years, we're offering additional 10% discount to all Reality XP customers until September 30th, 2017!*

    The RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 continues on our series of new, integrated and updated avionics simulations, paving the way to our GTN 750/650 Touch for FltSim coming soon after.

    Further details available from the Reality XP Homepage .


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    User Feedback

    Hi, the new GNS V2 offers more interfaces to third party controllers. Let me try to detail:

    - keyboard shortcuts: any hardware or program that can send key strokes to the sim, can control the Reality XP V2 buttons and knobs using keyboard shortcuts.

    - the Reality XP GNS V2 has a feature which intercepts not only standard Fltsim 'GPS' events, but augments these with modifiers adding fine grain control to the event trigger. This allows any XML gauge, module, 3D model, and any hardware able to control the default Fltsim GPS to transparently control the Reality XP GNS V2 instead!

    - the Reality XP GNS V2 supports PFC for our legacy GNS unlimited customers, only in 32 bits because PFC has not released a 64 bit version of their driver. Once they do, PFC in 64 bits will be offered via a free update (free only if PFC doesn't charge for the 64 bits dll of course)

    As you can see, the GNS 2 has got your hardware and external controllers need covered in many more different ways than before, with more flexibility, with a more recent GNS Trainer, with superior graphics both in 32 bits and 64bits, from Windows XP to Windows 10, and for more simulators including FS9-sp1, FSX-sp2, FSX-acc, FSX-SE, P3D1, P3D2, P3D3, P3D4.


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