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    Remote CDU and Remote Overhead Client Updated


    A new version of the popular Remote CDU and Overhead Client has been released. While the new Remote CDU version mainly contains a few bug fixes, the new Overhead Client adds night lighting to it for those red-eye flights.

    You can control multiple light sources just as you would inside flight sim.

    Remote CDU allows you to use your mobile device - tablet or phone - as a means to interact with the CDU, It supports a wide variety of devices (Apple, Android, Windows) and is backwards compatible even with the very first iPad Generation.

    The Overhead Client will run on Windows on a networked PC and you can interact with the systems on the main & aft overhead panels for PMDG's 737 NGX.

    Direct Download Here


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    User Feedback

    I use the CDU on my phone, or iPad on EVERY flight with PMDG 737, 747, 777, and I use the Overhead on a networked laptop on EVERY flight with the 737 and hopefully will never have to fly without them - works great!

    The night lighting mode is really nice when I'm doing a night flight and sitting in a dark room - much less distracting than having a bright Overhead right beside my main sim monitor.

    Steven Miller


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