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    REX Essential Plus Product Line SP1


    REX Game Studios is proud to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for the REX Essential PLUS product line. This latest update release includes many improvements, fixes and additions listed below:

    Improved - Winds aloft data, especially southern hemisphere.
    Improved - Weather station accuracy in WXPLUS mode.
    Improved - Archived weather from REX EDGE servers.
    Improved - Severe wind shifts during transitions with WXPLUS mode.
    Improved - Added code to read Flight Mode or Dialog mode status of FSX/P3D before injecting weather in both Standard and WXPLUS weather modes.
    Improved - Better handling of visibility below 1 SM.
    Improved - Sped up weather process assembling in WXPLUS mode.
    Improved - Adjustments to back-end database servers for better handling of archive weather processing.
    Improved - “Download Center” button to menu bar and removed from the Textures area.
    Improved - Process of transitioning cloud and visibility smoothing in WXPLUS mode.
    Improved - Flight plans are now saved in the users FLIGHT SIM X Document folder.
    Improved - Download time of weather from data servers.
    Improved - Now receiving 100+ knots winds in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere.

    Fixed - Un-selecting the visibility smoothing does not uncheck the wind smoothing feature.
    Fixed - Prepar3D header banner not showing if user has P3D activated.
    Fixed - Accurate pressure readings.
    Fixed - 24-hour METAR data for current weather.
    Fixed - White screen on WASys in regards to computer regional settings.
    Fixed - Disposed timer setting at close of Weather Engine.
    Fixed - Archive weather settings and required date to be selected before saving.
    Fixed - Database server structure for correct archive weather data.
    Fixed - checkLocation error message from error logs.
    Fixed - Disable option button if internet is not detected on user’s machine.
    Fixed - Random weather mode now works when no internet connection is detected.
    Fixed - Javascripting errors on WASYS tool. Dependent on the IE version installed.

    Added - Various adjustments to the Micro and Synoptic weather station load features for more accurate visibility handling.
    Added - New wind smoothing algorithm to handle wind direction smoothing during loading.
    Added - FAOR, FALE, VTBS to database.

    Expanded - Weather area of WXPLUS weather theme mode.
    Removed - Green bar showing injection during WXPLUS mode loading.
    Changed - “Create a Flight Plan” button to “Import or Create a Flight Plan”.
    Moved - "Import Flight Plan" button within the Flight Center area.

    The REX Essential PLUS line of products offers the most advanced, multi award-winning environment package on the market today. SP1 is available free of charge to all existing REX Essential PLUS and REX Essential PLUS OverDrive customers. Visit the REX product support forum for details and download. http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums


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