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    REX Latitude v.1.2


    REX GAME STUDIOS is pleased to announce the release of REX Latitude v.1.2. Current REX Latitude customers may update to the latest software version by accessing the 'Check For Updates' module within the REX Latitude installation folder.


    Below is the full software revision log:


    Fixed flight scoring error under certain runway intersection conditions

    Fixed auto-coordination/auto-rudder deductions

    Fixed auto-coordination/auto-rudder deductions

    Fixed chart to show takeoff points to 400 feet HAL

    Fixed auto-coordination/auto-rudder deductions

    Fixed nearest airport detection to use a local copy of the default FSX facilities

    Fixed off-runway detection by ignoring surface changes when aircraft is located on an FSX runway

    Fixed auto-rudder deductions (they were not being applied, check your FSX settings)

    Fixed Javascript errors on startup for users with Internet Explorer 8

    Fixed speech to use a queueing mechanism so everything is heard

    Fixed installer to include 32 and 64-bit versions of IE9

    Fixed installer to include full .NET 4 framework

    Fixed several URL redirection problems

    Added chat message highlight if the text contains @ followed by your pilot name

    Added chat click on text to insert @ followed by pilot name to make it easier to reply

    Added feature to radar to show pilots in chat, not just those that are in flight

    Added ability to remove a flight (press and hold "Do Not Upload" for 5 seconds)

    Added feature that automatically announces departure and arrival in chat

    Added actual nearest airport location and runways to chart plan view

    Added "Follow This Pilot" feature that shows followed pilots first

    Added experience detail pop-over to flights to show specifics

    Added distance, fuel and recording sanity checks

    Changed enroute segment scoring to automatically split on speed and vertical (see manual for details)

    Changed enroute segment numbering to be globally sequential

    Changed overall scoring to ease Airline and Commercial pilot level by adjusting curves and grace

    Changed longitudinal comfort scoring to ease deductions by swapping vertical/longitudinal limit on takeoff and landing

    Changed to asynchronous analysis of flights for faster "Observing" notification after "Recording"

    Changed chart plan view to use Mercator projection to show correct aspect ratios

    Changed landing vertical to be more lenient if you don't float, and less lenient if you do

    Changed crew and equipment exclusion to not round, and added a small random variation

    Changed chat to remain in position when not scrolled to end


    Visit rexgamestudios.com for Details and Download.

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