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    REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition


    REX SIMULATIONS is pleased to announce the release of REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition!

    REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition helps give a volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds.


    This software package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand. You will truly experience volumetric-like haze and fog as never before seen within FS9.


    REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition Features:

    • Better in-cloud lightning representation.
    • 512 cloud textures, compiled into 16 full sets. (High definition textures will be released when ready as a free update to all Soft Clouds users)
    • A large, easy to read user-interface.
    • Lightning-fast texture installation.
    • Ability to auto-start simulator after texture injection.
    • Network capable.
    • Unique types of cloud base structures.
    • Low/Mid-level 3D clouds, including Stratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus and Altocumulus.
    • Built-in check for updates feature.
    • Texture options for 32bit and DXT3 (for low-end systems).


    See the difference that REX Soft Clouds will bring to your FS9 experience by visiting the dedicated REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition website page.

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