• REX Worldwide Airports HD Prepar3D v.4


    REX Worldwide Airports HD is now Compatible with Prepar3D v.4+!
    •Compatible with GSX and the upcoming GSX Level 2.
    •10+GB of airport specific graphics and 3D airport vehicle models.
    •Global airport graphics created from real-world airport environments.
    •Fully compatible with all 3rd-party addons, including addon airports.
    •Tailored to low and high-end systems and comprised of default resolution to high-definition choices.
    •Give ALL default airports in FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D the payware-style treatment!
    •Day and night lighting textures included, giving a realism never seen before at default airports.
    •Transform all airports worldwide with one click.
    •Easily select, install and even save your creations within the included user interface.
    •Airport terminals, buildings and maintenance facilities, small/medium/large airport hangars, custom airline specific hangars, coherent airport ground environments, jetways, custom 3D airport ground vehicle models, airport lighting and parking garages.
    •Runway and taxiway detailed planar bump-map effects.
    •Specular lighting textures included.
    •Bump map textures included.
    •DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant!
    •Lightning fast texture installation.
    •Network capable.
    •High fidelity due to higher definition source material, yielding top quality end results, even at lower resolution settings!
    •A large, easy to read user interface.
    •A comprehensive configuration manager allowing you to tailor to your specific needs!
    •Built-in backup and restore functions.
    •Community based sharing capability coming soon!
    •Built-in auto update.
    •High-definition taxiway markings with extreme clarity.
    •Realistic dirty airport parking and jetway marks.

    REX Worldwide Airports HD is part of the REX 5 family of products along with REX Sky Force 3D!

    For more information and a comprehensive look visit the  Worldwide Airports HD website.

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    User Feedback

    If i use this product, and then purchase an airport add on, will I encounter issues with double AFCADS or related scenery conflicts?

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    No, it’s textures only. It also only works on default airports or ADE’s that use default components 

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    I bought this product a long time ago before P3D 4.0 came out. As soon as I bought it, ver 4. rolled out and i was never able to use it due to incompatibilities. Rex took over a year to to come out with a new version and refused to reimburse me. This negative experience as now steered me away from their products and I now use a different one. Im scared to death now to use their products. I advise others to be very cautious as well, as a customer i was treated very poorly.

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    Unfortunately flightsim devs have become very niche.

    Each specialises in their own area as there is not enough revenue to go around.

    This has the ultimate effect of rendering the customer, somewhat less than "King".

    Just go to any dev forum and complain, and note the reaction... from both the devs themselves, and their word not allowed.

    Quite laughable really. And a reason why Reddit flightsim groups are increasing exponentially.

    I would say, after 20 years in this game, and having had probably 40 or 50 different usernames due to bans (!!!), that only AEROSOFT and A2A can take criticism, without throwing their toys out of the proverbial pram. They genuinely care about the consumer.

    All the rest... they chuck it out, take the cash, and you either 'like it or lump it'.

    I've heard of some devs cancelling keys on the basis of comments made on forums. That just about sums up - what is - a very sad state of affairs.

    Edited by Gabe777

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    Yikes! Cancelling a key because of a comment! That's like taking the key to the new car because I made a bad statement about it. Add ons have gotten too expensive for that to be right at all. Suck up the bad comment and move on. Hopefully being open minded enough to learn something at the same time. Of course there's the other side. When you criticize try to be kind and fair. Not always easy though with some. I can think of one developer that makes it very hard to "stay Nice".

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