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    REX4 Weather Architect


    Weather Architect is a powerful Custom Weather Generator and Weather Engine which allows you to create complete weather systems on a map with accuracy down to a single latitude and longitude. Weather Architect is a first-of-its-kind weather creation utility, and unlike other weather engines on the market, it allows you to visualize, create and become fully immersed in cutting-edge weather systems. Weather Architect gives complete control and creativity in developing detailed weather systems anywhere in the world, including over oceans where no weather stations exist within the simulator.


    Within Weather Architect you can select various levels and types of precipitation. Each cell drawn or placed represents an individual weather cell within the simulator. All weather cells are fully customizable. Each cell can be modified by visibility, wind speed and direction, cloud turbulence, cloud shear, and cloud coverage. Weather Architect with its Intellectually Synced Texture Engine works hand-in-hand with REX 4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds to give you the most realistic experience possible.


    Weather Architect utilizes the widely-used REX EDGE Technology so you can share your custom weather scenarios and flights plan with other Weather Architect users from around the globe. This makes it easy for multiplayer users to precisely share the same experience together while in-flight!

    Weather Architect is available for FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D versions 1 and 2.


    To find out more information about REX4 Weather Architect, visit the REX4 Weather Architect Homepage.

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