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    Rise of Flight News


    Rise of Flight pays a lot of attention to history, from accurately modeled aircraft, locations, squadrons and air battles, Rise of Flight follow one guiding principle - trying to tell an amazing story while providing the most realistic and immersive gameplay possible.


    Rise of Flight has prepared several special offers for this summer to allow folks to get a better feeling of WWI history and explore some of the most notable aircraft of the period.

    WWI brought the very first aces in history of aviation. They truly were knights of the sky, fighting both for their Homeland, their honor, for freedom and sometimes for their rightful place amongst the world's best pilots. To them the summer event is devoted.


    2nd Lieutenant John Ingles Gilmour, was a Sopwith Camel pilot was born on June 28, 1896. Having graduated from Farnborough on 17 March 1916, he joined the war later that year. As an outstanding fighter pilot, John Gilmour was soon renowned for his consistent dash and great fearlessness and decorated accordingly. His Distinguished Service Order stated:


    “He is a most inspiriting patrol leader who has destroyed twenty-three enemy aircraft, and shot down eight others out of control. While leading an offensive patrol he shot down one enemy biplane in flames and drove down a second. A short time afterwards he, with four others, attacked about forty enemy scouts. He himself destroyed one in the air, drove another out of control and a third in flames, successfully accounting for five enemy machines in one day”.



    The Sopwith Camel is the British fighter that brought Gilmour 36 out of 39 victories in aerial combat, to celebrate the ace's birthday Rise of Flight start a special discount week where the Sopwith Camel is on offer to explore this piece of aviation history from June 22nd till June 28th for a nominal fee.

    Discover Rise of Flight and Avsim's Rise Of Flight Forum to find out what it takes to be a real ace!

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