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    Rise of Flight Present The Sopwith Strutter


    Rise of Flight have a new WWI era aircraft for you, the Sopwith Strutter 1 1/2. This machine is often called one of the symbols of the era. And it is unique and legendary indeed. The Strutter turned out to be a very successful model that was manufactured far not only in Britain, but later gave birth to a whole generation of Sopwith planes sharing some of the original unchanged elements.

    It took its name from the arrangement of the upper wing center section - "one-and-a-half" (long and short). There also was an air brake that was used to significantly decrease the runway needed for take-off. This outstanding two-seater saw service to the end of the war (serving for the French air force and took part in battles against German fighter groups. It also used to take off from the top of naval guns - a in word it left a bright trail in the history of aviation.

    Thanks to everyone who made its creation possible by placing pre-orders. Without your help the machine would have probably remained only as blueprints.

    Finally, 777 Studios and 1C Game Studios are excited to announce the coming Rise of Flight Gladiators 4v4 International Duel Championship for 2013.

    Gladiators tournaments for virtual pilots have been held since 2009, but this is the first time ever it is going to be held featuring Rise of Flight.

    Gladiators 4v4 is a special kind of flight sim cyber-sporting event that in some ways is similar to elite sport team challenges. Participants take part in individual duels, pair duels and squad vs. squad battles. The tournament will give players a chance to show their combat and tactical skills as virtual WWI pilots.

    The tournament rules are specially designed to boost the suspense and makes pilots fight to the last bullet and the last drop of fuel. Victory will demand maximum concentration and the will to win.

    Click HERE to learn more about the up-coming tourney.

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