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  • Robert S. Randazzo PMDG


    An announcement from Robert S. Randazzo Director PMDG regarding free transition to Prepar3D v4


    Now that the cat is out of the bag on the worst kept secret in simming, we can **finally** give you a bit of information on what our Prepar3D customers can expect to expect moving forward during the next few weeks and months.

    As we promised back in 2015, customers who have purchased our products for Prepar3D v3 are going to enjoy a free transition to Prepar3D v4 and the advent of 64bit simming technology, as this was already rolled up into the development costs of the product you already purchased.

    Beginning on/shortly after the release of Prepar3D v4, we will begin publishing Prepar3D v4 compatible versions of our existing product lines.  We have spent the better part of 2017 thus far working our way through the transition of our existing product line to make the NGX, 777, 747 and DC-6 compatible with the new, Prepar3D v4. 

    As of today, we have both the DC-6 and the 747 operating within Prepar3D v4, and we hope to have the 777 completed later this week, with the NGX to follow shortly there-after.

    Those who are already customers of our Prepar3D products will be able to obtain these new versions at no cost.

    Now a couple of notes:

    With the release of Prepar3D v4, we have new sets of developer tools and many new features to work with that did not exist (or existed in less useful formats) in Prepar3D v3.  Our goal with the initial push into Prepar3D v4 is to bring you a fully x64 compatible product version that has been rebuilt using the new development tools for each product initially.  We will then be updating each product over time to include many of the new functions native to Prepar3D v4, and pushing those updates to you via our in-house product updater functionality.

    Schedule-wise we are still working out a few details because we haven't been allowed to discuss Prepar3D v4 even with our own beta team, and that also means we have been unable to beta test the DC-6 and 747-400 in their new x64 iterations...  So we need to work out the details of how we will do this before pushing the new versions to you.

    (The DC-6 is easy- since that product is still in beta testing, we will have it fully tested when it releases in a few weeks, obviously, but the 747-400 is a whole different animal...)

    My best guess right now is that we will begin pushing the new Prepar3d v4 versions to you within days of the initial Prepar3D v4 release, as this will give our own test team a chance to make sure we haven't missed anything obvious before handing the product over to you for use.  In order, I expect you will see the products in this order:

    PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, PMDG 777-200LR/F (and expansions), PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster, PMDG 737-NGX (and expansions.)

    Again I want to stress that PMDG customers who have already purchased our products for Prepar3D v3 **as of the day we release the Prepar3D v4 compatible version** will receive the update at no cost...  (No matter what foolishness you read on the internet!  )

    We will have lots more information for you in the coming days, so please stay tuned!

    Follow the discussion in the Avsim Forum  .

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