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    Roger Dodger Aviation DIY Flight Simulator


    Build a Jumbo DIY Flight Simulator at Home Virtual pilots can build a large flight simulator at home with materials from a hardware store.
    Roger Dodger Aviation published a new instructional video for home flight simulator enthusiasts. The video demonstrates how to build a flight simulator enclosure using materials from a home improvement store.
    “The DIY Flight Sim Pod is about as big as a Smart Car and its fuselage is wider than a Cessna 172,” reports producer Matt Thomas.
    Armchair pilots can undertake this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project and build their home computer into a realistic-looking airplane cockpit. The DIY Flight Sim Pod incorporates controls from online retailers and a 40” HDTV as the main monitor. When pilots “fly” the pod-shaped simulator, they enjoy a truly immersive experience.
    The project can utilize any flight simulator software like FSX, FSX Steam, X-Plane, Prepar3D and more. Builders can instantly download the digital video and instruction manual from the product page.

    See the Flight Sim Pod in action in this video

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