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    SamScene3D Bucharest For FSX And Prepar3D


    SamScene3D are proud to announce the scenery of Bucharest city for FSX and Prepar3D. No matter you are flying for VFR, visual tourism, even taking off or landing to Bucharest International airport, you will not miss the chance to see the beautiful skyline of Bucharest !

    Scenery features
    * Bucharest photoreal texture
    * over 10,000 autogen buildings with Romanian style designs.
    * many custom hotels, buildings, business center, banks, churchs, squares, landmarks, etc
    * night light textures
    * autogen vegetation all over the city
    * street lights all over the whole Romania !
    * compatible with other Bucharest airport sceneries
    * good frame rate
    * compatible with ORBX products

    Visit the Bucharest city Product Page for further information.

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    I have a powerful PC, the whole scenery loading in P3DV5 with a few big addons (OMAA, OMDB, VHHH) was very fast without any issues. I was very happy to find Bucharest city but unfortunately after installing will take P3DV5 to start about 1 minute and if I go in LROP or LRBS two main airports for this area loading will take at least a few minutes where before was almost instant. Another issue is that the LROP terminal is gone, no building no terminal.
    To be noted I was born in Bucharest Romania this "street lights all over the whole of Romania" it's a bonus.
    Yes, it's $12,00 but the scenery loading performance it's a big issue plus the LROP airport.
    Intel Core I9-9900K@5.0 GHz, Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, Samsung 2 x  850 Evo 500GB, G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3200 64GB,WIN10 PRO 64
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    I have to adjust my statements regarding this product.
    I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the developer has made available a fix within basically hours of the product release that actually fixes terminal issue, also with this fix the issue regarding excessive loading time of the scenery in this area is addressed.
    IMHO outstanding job for SamScene3D and a big thank you for listening to the customer.
    Thank you,

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