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    Service Pack 1.2 For The CS 777


    The 777 Captain (777-200, 777-300 and 777 Freighter Expansion models) Service Pack 1.2 is available and includes SP all previous service packs plus the following new features and enhancements:

    - Boeing 777-200ER RR 895 engines variant exterior model added

    - Malaysia Airlines (9M-MRG) livery added

    - ND integrated weather radar added

    - ND integrated TCAS added

    - ND Terrain Mode added

    - ND T/D T/C E/D drawing improved

    - ND FIX drawing added

    - ND HOLD drawing added

    - ND Altitude Range Arc drawing added

    - ND route, RW, floating points drawing improved

    - ND Plan Mode improved

    - Displays floating flickering fixed

    - Autopilot improved

    - A/T engage/disengage fixed

    - EFIS improved

    - Right MFD selector knob fixed

    - EICAS messages added/fixed

    - Config Parking Brake fixed

    - Differential Brake fixed

    - Reset Autobrake fixed

    - Tooltips typos fixed

    - Minor models and textures issues fixed

    - Code optimized

    - Manuals Part I and II updated.

    Visit the 777 Product Page for instructions on download and install.

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