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    SibWings Antonov An-2 for FSX


    The SibWings team is happy to announce the Antonov An-2 for FSX released!

    The package includes:
    ·   An-2 twelve-seater passenger model
    ·   Six liveries
    ·   Detailed user guide

    Main features:
    3D Models
    ·   Accurate exterior and interior models developed specially for FSX
    ·   HD textures with specular, bump and reflection maps
    ·   FPS friendly
    Panel & Gauges
    ·   All gauges are developed with 3D parts
    ·   Separately animated realistic needles shadows
    ·   Most knobs have moving along shadows
    ·   Panel surface contains bump-map
    ·   Gauge glass has reflection and fingertips visible at a specific sun angle
    ·   Realistic night light
    ·   If you use DX10 you'll have dynamic shadows inside the cockpit
    ·   Fully simulated electric system
    ·   Partly simulated pneumatic system
    ·   Realistic engine starting system (Ctrl+E doesn't work)
    ·   Simulated engine overheat and engine fire, anti-fire system
    Flight dynamics
    ·   Accurate flight dynamics developed in close cooperation with the real An-2 pilots
    ·   Engine sounds recorded from the real aircraft
    ·   Most switches, knobs and levers are sounded

    Visit the Product Homepage for details and download.

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