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    SimCheck A300 FMC Upgrade


    An upgrade package has been released for the A300B4-200 by SimCheck.  for a more modern cockpit version which is still in use today .
    There are several GPS based retrofits available for real life A300B4 users, most are based around a GPS module which provides lateral guidance information to the A300 autopilot and flight director system. Some systems only feature a GPS control display unit (CDU), others also include an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator with Electronic Flight Information System controllers.


    SimCheck A300 FMC Upgrade has created a package which is based on the Honeywell HT9100 GPS CDU and the Honeywell FDS-2000 EHSI and ND.

    The system features one GPS CDU (with dual screens in the VC) and 2 independent EHSI displays each with its own EFIS controller.

    The SimCheck A300B4 GPS upgrade allows you to experience the A300B4 as it is still flown today by airlines around the world, providing the missing link between the steam gauge original A300B4 and the A300-600/A310.



    FMC/GPS based on the HT9100 GPS System which is a popular real life retrofit for the A300
    Dual EHSI (captain and FIO)
    Updated livery installer software to easily change the external and VC setup
    Cargo and passenger enabled VC updates which include the FMC CDU, EFIS controller and EHSI
    Cargo and passenger panel based 2D updates which include the FMC CDU, EFIS controller and EHSI

    Visit the SimCheck A300 FMC Upgrade product page for further information.

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