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    SimPlates Ultra For Android Now Available


    Dauntless Aviation , usually known for its well-regarded series of training and operational use software for real-world aviation, is pleased to announce the release of SimPlates Ultra for Android! The SimPlates series has long provided the serious flight simulator enthusiast with more actual approach plates, airport diagrams, and similar materials than any other source. The new edition provides improved coverage with over 70,000 total plates of all types, including ILS, GPS (GNSS), NDB, VOR, Copter, TACAN, and other approaches, Airport Diagrams, Taxiway Diagrams, Airport Parking Charts, Visual Area Charts, SIDs and STARs (Departures and Arrivals) and more.



    The vast majority are real world, quite up-to-date plates. The SimPlates team notes that the updates to the chart data in SimPlates Ultra make this by far the largest update in scope and up-to-datedness to the SimPlates series ever. Charts are available for essentially all countries of the world, with coverage for most major countries .


    Updates are now built-into the app, this is currently set to update the list of FAA charts commensurate with FAA changes. Additionally, users can look forward to assorted updates and further improvements to plate coverage over time via the update mechanism.


    A massively updated worldwide airport database is quite possibly the single largest airport database, anywhere. If you are already a user of SimPlates for Android, the update to the Ultra version is free. SimPlates is also available for PC and iPhone/iPad. Existing users of SimPlates for iPhone/iPad can look forward to a free upgrade to SimPlates Ultra once that is released for that product. Likewise, Dauntless is generally offering a free upgrade to SimPlates Ultra to any users who activated SimPlates X for PC on or after August 1, 2012. To learn more visit the SimPlates Homepage.


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