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    SimPlates ULTRA For PC


    Add-ons come and go, but SimPlates is the one tool that the serious simulator pilot will return to over and over again to make the sim experience as real, challenging, and fun. The PC version SimPlates ULTRA – our PC featuring over 70,000 real-world IFR and VFR plates and charts (including SIDs, STARs, approach plates, airport diagrams, and much more, including a worldwide airport and NAVAID database) is now released.


    No other plates package comes even remotely close to offering this many plates. With excellent feedback on the SimPlates Ultra Android and iPhone/iPad releases of a few months ago and built upon on that experience to make sure that you have a slick user experience with Safelog ULTRA for PC. To learn more or to get it now, please visit SimPlates ULTRA for PC Homepage for a free demo and if you’re a user of SimPlates X, the previous version, a discounted version is available. strictly for serious flight simulation use and are not for real-world flight.

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