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    Simplugins Panel Builder V 2.2


    Simplugins Panel Builder V2.2 now supports FS2004. A new demo/trial version for both FSX and X-Plane , as well as the new FS2004 demo/trial are now available. The latest version now has 90 plus gauges. Amongst the improvements are a slaved ADF to heading indicator, a remote panel start button, a new analog altimeter, a new NAV 2 without glideslope and last but by no means least, the Windows 7 Basic theme is now supported.


    Panel Builder has been design to be modular and therefore easy to expand. It includes the

    simPlugins Interface the ‘link’ between the flight simulator and Panel Builder across a network

    Panel Manager the application to design instrument panels

    Instruments individual instruments that are combined into panels

    This approach provides an interface to any flight simulator that has an open architecture for third party add-ons. It also allows for the creation of new instruments to be added any time. Instruments currently not available in Panel Builder can be designed on request.


     Suitable for all single and twin engine aircraft types

     Helicopter specific instruments are also included

     Covers piston and turbine Engines

     Design an unlimited number of panels

     Panels can be saved and loaded using the included ‘Panel Manager’

     Design your own panel background

     Supports Pilot and Co-pilot Panels

     Instruments can be freely moved and sized on the screen (useful for screen overlays/cutouts)

     Includes over 70 instruments

     Instruments are configurable for different aircraft performance data

     Instrument dials and buttons are functional

     Complete! Nothing else to buy.

    New instruments and avionics will be added regularly and will be available as inexpensive software updates. These will include a World War 2 blind flying panel and support for DCS.


    Visit the Simplugins Panel Builder Homepage for details and download.

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