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    SimStatus Released


    A new virtual flight tracking site for VATSIM has been released, allowing interested parties to follow flights with an unprecendented level of detail.


    SimStatus allows users to track individual flights with accurate ETAs, expected landing runways, live radar and detailed flight information similar to that which might be seen on real-world tracking sites.


    Pilots looking for inspiration can also see live statistics such as popular airports and routes right now, VATSIM ATC availability, weather information and active runways based on real-time weather and operations.


    For more information visit the SimStatus website or Facebook page.

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    SimStatus is a great idea.  This website will give me a lot of new ideas for city-pairs to fly to at a glance, along with the routes being used.

    I'll be referring to this website often. Lots of information here.

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    Well, it looks nice.  Some thoughts:

    • All of the planes look exactly the same...you can't see the difference between a 747 and a C172 unless you left click on it and leave the page to go to the flight info. (or right click to 'open a new tab').
    • There's no mouse hover to get flight info nor is there a context menu to bring up more info while on the page.
    • Clicking on a plane does give you all the information including the route.  That's nice but it would be nice if you didn't have to leave the page (necessarily) to get the info...maybe an info box somewhere on the page?
    • It'd be nice to be able to search by aircraft type to see where all of the 777s are...see their routes, etc.
    • It'd be nice to be able to click on a departure/arrival route pair to see the entire route (or hover the mouse to see it.)


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