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    SkyPilot Announce P3DAssist


    P3DAssist Build 1.00 is built upon the FSXAssist code base with added enhancements specific to Prepar3D which will work for both Prepar3D versions 1.4 and 2.0.
    As with FSXAssist the primary advantages of P3DAssist are the ability to dynamically set OS Priorities and Core usage in order to maximize the simulator performance / experience.  Primary to these are a reduction of blurries and a smoother flight.  On a high end machine its recommend that you uncheck the safe priorities checkbox to enable a OS priority of RealTime and set your Affinity Mask settings to maximum - 1 for Prepar3D and to 1 for any Addon Applications.  Note its also highly recommend that HyperThreading is enabled in this scenario.
    Other advantages to P3DAssist are the flight AutoSave feature and the Crash recovery feature .
    Finally, since Prepar3D is still evolving, SkyPilot is committed to offering improvements as they present themselves all of which you will get free of charge with you one-time purchase. 
    The good thing is that current and future FSXAssist users can use their registration key with Prepar3D and vise versa so your Flight Simulation dollars are spread across 2 products.
    Check out the SkyPilot Website for further information.

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