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    Slovenia X And Slovenia X Airports


    Slovenia X (regional scenery add-on) and Slovenia X Airports for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D (v1-v4) have been released.

    Slovenia X offers a complete rendition of Slovenia, covering the small but incredibly diverse country from hilly southern to mountainous northern regions and from Adriatic coasts to the eastern plains. It combines custom landclass and vector data, custom landclass textures, custom autogen and landmark models, photo-real inserts and default objects, with the aim of creating an identifiable and unique region, that ‘looks and feels’ Slovenian. Features and images can be found on the product page.

    Slovenia X Airports evolved from Slovenia X realizing that the region itself would not be complete without its crucial ingredients: airports. The add-on (at the moment only available as an upgrade of Slovenia X or in a bundle with Slovenia X) adds over 40 Slovenian airfields and airstrips, all with custom and customised buildings, aeroplanes, seasonal greenery (grass, trees and other objects), default sim objects and lots of clutter which bring the airfields to life. The VFR aerodromes as classified by Slovenia Control feature photo-real (seasonal) underlays which blend seamlessly with Slovenia X. While Slovenia X provides the ‘regional’ context, Slovenia X Airports deliver a complementary, but vital part of our virtual flying community. With such a number of airfields and airstrips available, Slovenia is becoming a virtual VFR heaven and a joy to visit – virtually or, better even: in real life. Full features list can be found on the product page.

    The release does not mark an end to the two year development. New updates and upgrades with additional contents are planned. The first one is already available as freeware: Kredarica complex featuring seasonal (yes, snow cover and seasonal building textures included) rendition of mountain hut complex just below the highest Slovenian peak Mt Triglav (2684 m) complete with heliport and lots of custom objects. While it is specifically atuned to Slovenia X  it can be also used with the default sim version.

    For more information and to purchase visit the Slovenia X and Slovenia X Airports  Product Page.



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