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    SmartStarter, a new Prepar3Dv4 utility program for those who want an more flexible and faster loading of PMDG airplanes in any flight phase either direct from SmartStarter or from your favourite MAP program.

    You can jump directly into any PMDG's 737NGX, 777X or 747QOTS II livery at any airport, runway or gate in either Cold & Dark, Long, Short or Default/Ready panel state configuration with your pre-defined screen/windows configuration.

    View all saved scenanios in your favourite MAP program,  select any scenario and continue flying from the "maplogged" position with everything ready. Set up your favourite airplane liveries on airports all around the world in any panel state configuration and start directly from your favourite MAP program.

    With the new MapLog view and select all your "maplogged" flights markers directly in your favourite MAP program as Little NavMap and Google myMaps, Google Earth.

    For further details visit the flightsim4fun.com Homepage

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    Hardly new. Been using it for 18 months now.

    Couldn't live without it.

    Probably THE best app made for flightsim.... ever.

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