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    SSW Republic F-84F Super Hog


    The SIM SKUNK WORKS  the REPUBLIC F-84F "Super Hog". This model is at the top of our technology, it shows innovative and unique features, such as texture "redux", 3D lights at continuosly variable intensity, the Dynamic Drag Index concept and much more.
    We are confident that our users will find it very interesting. Like all SSW models the F-84F SSW is freely downloadable and can be used fully for a limited time, to remove the limitation you must purchase an activation key.
    The SSW F-84F came in two version for FSX and P3D v. 1.4, it will be fully compatible with P3D v. 2 very soon.
    Model can be downloaded from the SIM SKUNK WORKS Homepage
    You need to be registered, registering is free.
    Its recommend to read and follow installation instruction reported on site main menu.
    To help a faster download we have provided also a fast mirror:



    High detailed model, fully animated
    High detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working
    Frame rate friendly in single and multi player, it cames in two versions:
    - 'SOLO' for single player use
    - 'UBUNTU' optimized for multiplayer
    - Complete dynamic 3D-lights systems both internal and external

    High detailed, high definition, full "redux" SSW technology, 13 different liveries plus Italian team "GETTI TONANTI", one of the best texturing ever seen.

    - Almost all real system have been modelled and are working as the real thing is
    - Flight dynamics modeled 99% close to real airplane
    - DDIS (Dynamic Drag Index System), aircraft performances, speed, fuel consumption, acceleration depend on stores loaded and weight.
    - Fully functional APG-30 radar with target lockon and target range information
    - Aircraft configurator for payload and refuelling
    - Air refuelling in both single and multiplayer mode, in single player a KC-135 tanker can be called during flight
    - Payload fully congruent in both single and multiplayer mode
    - Aerodynamic pitch up and inertia coupling reproduced
    - Payload drop actually changes airplane weight, balance and drag index (DDIS)
    - A-4 gunsight system reproduced:
    * Manual and automatic bombing system
    * Rocket launch
    * Air to air gun firing with manual and auto range using APG-30 radar
    * Continuosly computed lead angle for gun firing
    - Special weapon delivery system (LABS, will be implemented on the next version)

    - Model runs nicely on multiplayer, it loads, drops/launch MK83/Rockets/Gun, weapon drop/blast and missile launch are visible both in single and multiplayer mode with no or negligible FSX server clogging, tested and verified with up to 15 players and weapons.

    Model comes with complete docs:
    - Normal/weapons procedures checklists
    - Real aircraft manual
    - Other useful docs
    - Support forum account
    - All version 1.x upgrading and patches at no cost.
    - Full detailed paint kit available for painters (It will be published later)
    - GPL (restricted) licensed

    - Togheter with F-84F we distribute also the freeware KC-135 that can be used to training yourself on aerial refuelling both on single and multiplayer mode. The KC-135 can be freely downloaded from SSW site
    - SSW F-84F S runs flawlessly in FSX - ACC PACK and PrePar3D 1.4, can't work properly on FSX SP1 or SP2.
    - It will be fully compatible with P3D v. 2.0 very soon
    - It will be compatibel with vACMI soon
    - Minimum system requirements: INTEL QuadCore, 4 Gb RAM, 1.5 GigaByte available on HD

    Details and download at the SIM SKUNK WORKS HOMEPAGE.

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