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    Standard 4MT Advanced & MK.1 Coaches


    The first steam locomotive in the Just Trains Advanced range is probably the most realistic steam locomotive available to date for Train Simulator and comes with an impressive array of special Advanced features.

    Also included are three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coaches complete with passenger view, a unique leaking steam effect from the coach heating system and connecting vacuum hose pipes and steam heat pipes.

    Let the 4MT Advanced transport you back to the steam era in the most authentic way possible!

    Three locomotives: 76084 (North Norfolk Railway), 76079 (under restoration at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway) and a 4MT which you can number from the class numbers of 76000 to 76115

    Three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coaches: (Brake Standard Open, First Open and Tourist Standard Open) in three liveries

    Join the loco at the ‘warm’ stage where it is nearly ready to drive but still requires several operations to be carried out to ensure that it runs efficiently: filling the sandboxes, cleaning out the dust and dirt from the smokebox, priming the oil system via the oil distributor pump, and blowing down the boiler to help remove impurities.

    In 'hot' mode all the operations which must be carried out in ‘Warm’ mode are already completed and you are ready to drive.


    Realistic injector performance and steam usage

    Operating tender handbrake

    Operating left and right rocking grates - rock each one individually

    Tender water spray - operate it to keep the coal dust down

    Blowdown to remove impurities from the boiler which, if left, increase the risk of priming and damage

    Operating Bardic lamp on the tender

    Carriage steam heating control

    Working steam brake and authentic vacuum brake

    Water gauges - the water level is realistically affected by the line gradient

    Realistic front and rear damper behaviour

    Directional sanders - using sand depletes the sand level in the sandbox

    Photorealistic particle effects include exhaust from the chimney which changes colour when you stoke the fire and changes velocity and density depending on the blast pipe pressure

    Open the regulator too fast and the wheels will visibly spin - they'll lock up if you over-apply the brakes

    Customisable head and tail lights for all conditions

    Switcher tool available if you want to drive a Simple version of the loco

    Eight Standard scenarios for a variety of default and add-on routes and two Free Roams


    See the Just Trains website for video, screenshots
    and full details of both expansions!

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