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    SWS T-37B Tweet Released


    SimWorks Studios are proud to present the T-37B Tweet for Prepar3D v4!

    Making use of the latest features available in the sim, the Tweet is the culmination of three years of systems and graphics developement. From PBR materials and custom animations, to deep systems and realistic fligth dynamics, the SWS team has strived to bring the Tweet back into service!

    A trainer both in reality and in the sim, the Tweet is easy to operate and fly. Whether you are a hardcore simmer who wants to fly according to the Dash 1, or a casual flyer who just wants a quick hop, the SWS Tweet will cater to both sides of the spectrum!

    ◦ High detail exterior and interior model, including animated 3D pilots
    ◦ Five liveries using 4k PBR textures
    ◦ Realistic systems simulation, built according to the real aircraft manual
    ◦ High fidelity flight model, tested by real T-37 pilots
    ◦ Adjustable night lighting making use of dynamic lights and PBR material

    The T-37B Tweet is available on SimWorks Studios .

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    If you ever flew the Tweet, you’ll enjoy this   aircraft. If you owned the microsim Tweet for FS9, well, you haven’t seen anything yet! If you wish you had the opportunity to fly a Tweet in P3D, it’s finally here!

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