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    TacPack/Superbug v1.4 Now Available!


    The primary focus of the Tackpac V 1.4 update is to provide third-party aircraft support via the TacPack SDK. Developers currently focusing on TacPack development include Metal2Mesh, Dino Cattaneo, Aerosoft, and Iris Simulations. TacPack v1.4 also adds a number of additional weapon types, including support for varying ballistics, as well as HMD support. Major changes include:

    • Major SDK back-end infrastructure changes
      • Full support for third-party aircraft integration
      • No longer requires the Superbug and thus may be installed interdependently
      • Aircraft-specific TacPack.ini for developer configuration of weapon stations and countermeasures
      • Developer security signing and validation for protecting designer-specified files from unauthorized modifications. Note that altering protected files will cause TacPack-enabled aircraft to fail validation in multi-player, thus forcing a user kick from sessions in which the host has enabled anti-cheating.
    • New weapons
    • AIM-54 A/C Phoenix AAM
    • A/G rockets of various types including WWII/Korean and modern-era variants
    • Selectable gun calibers, number of guns, and firing rates
    • Additional bomb types including WWII/Korean and modern-era variants
    • Additional drop-tanks including F-14 and F-86
    • Assets now feature enhanced geometry up to 2K poly/object
    • Assets now feature dedicated 1024 baked textures
    • A/G target designation
    • A/A target acquisition and tracking
    • Graphic Enhancements
    • Greatly improved CIWS targeting prediction code
    • Greatly improved CCIP prediction accuracy
    • Tanker improvements (better racetrack, follows carrier if spawned within 10nm of locally controlled carrier)
    • Improvements to radio tuning
    • After successful carrier trap, brakes will be auto-applied until tailhook is raised, to prevent rolling off the deck
    • Gun firing rate now selectable
    • Flight Director/Auto Pilot performance/behavior improvements
    • Fixed bug that had limited the simultaneous number of objects the TacPack could handle to
    • Fixed issue where FSX would delete weapons that got too close to the ground, preventing them from exploding
    • Fixed issue where strict version checking was kicking people incorrectly in MP
    • SAM sites now properly removed when all their members are destroyed
    • FLIR should no longer cause severe FPS hit on extreme-widescreen (EyeFinity, Surround, TH2G, etc) setups
    • Object creation policy now properly respected for all objects in MP (previously crash objects were still being created, leading to issues on non-TP servers)
    • For more see individual version notes, below
    • HMD support
    • Gyroscopic gunsight support
    • Other New Features/Improvements
    • Bug fixes

    600+ pages (and growing) of online Wiki-based documentation:
    You are free to examine the full TacPack Documentation prior to purchase:

    Existing TacPack customers

    Existing TacPack customers may download the 1.4 installers either from the TacPack support forums (login required), or from your VRS customer page.

    Existing Superbug customers

    Existing Superbug X customers who do not yet own the TacPack and wish to purchase it, must log into the store with your existing Superbug License ID in order for the cart system to recognize that you already own the Superbug.

    New customers

    New customers are gladly welcome to purchase the TacPack, but the TacPack currently requires the Superbug X, so both products must be purchased simultaneously, or the Superbug must be purchased first. The TacPack will become available for purchase as a stand-alone option within the coming few weeks.

    Visit the Tackpac V 1.4 homepage for further details.
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