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    The Big Surprise - The Definitive Answer - Read it Here!

    Tom Allensworth

    Okay, so everyone has been prattling along taking SWAGs at the big surprise in the upcoming PMDG B-777. Well, here is AVSIM's big surprise...


    48 hours after release, AVSIM will open up a screen shot contest. But this will be a screen shot contest with a difference. You will be allowed one screen shot of the new B777 that MUST be accompanied by a narrative. The narrative must be a "story" about the screen shot. Don't be cut and dry, be poetic, a story teller, imagination at full blast. Multiple entries will be discarded. The contest will last 10 days from release. We will set up a special forum for the contest, which we'll announce shortly after the 777 is on the market.


    The winner will be selected by the AVSIM staff. And here are the prizes...


    First Place: $100.00 USD

    Second Place: $50.00 USD

    Third Place: $25.00 USD


    More when the bird is released.

    You can read more here.
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