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    Tongass Fjords X Free at Return to Misty Moorings


    Tongass Fjords X now available for free at Return to Misty Moorings

     Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with FSAddon to offer FSAddon's former Tongass Fjords X (TFX) software product at no charge to registered members of the RTMM forum for their own personal use. FSAddon has recently closed their business and this arrangement allows for users to still be able to experience Tongass Fjords in all it's glory for years to come.

     RTMM would like to thank Francois Dumas (FSAddon Publishing) as well as Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack, the developers of Tongass Fjords X, for their generosity in continuing to provide this very important software to the flight simulator community. RTMM is honored to host Tongass Fjords X. Here are some of the terms of this arrangement. This software or any of its parts cannot be redistributed. This software comes "as is" since the original developers are no longer available for any support. RTMM is not liable for support, however, additional installation information (for FSX or P3D created by RTMM) will be included in the download package. And as always, helpful advice in using TFX can be found on the RTMM website and in our forum.

    To get a download link for Tongass Fjords X software product package for your own personal use, you must be a registered RTMM forum member. Once you are a RTMM forum member, all you have to do is Private Message (PM) nbrich1 in the forums with a request that includes your private email address.

    Please do not post requests or your private email address on the public RTMM forums. Norm (nbrich1), who is a RTMM staff member, will respond as soon as he can with the download information. If you are not familiar with how to Private Message, simply click on this link to take you to the new message screen in the RTMM forum:


    Or click on "My Messages" in the Forum Navigation Bar and then hover your mouse over the highlighted "Messages" and choose "New Message" in the drop down. Then enter nbrich1 in the "To:" field.


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    I never got an email back as the instructions said I would. I wonder if they just got overwhelmed with interest.

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    We have simplified the process for users to obtain the now freeware Tongass Fjords X product at RTMM.

    To obtain download links for the Tongass Fjords X packages solely for your own private use, you must be a registered RTMM forum member and logged in and you will have access to the new Tongass Fjords section of the forum that contains the links to the files.    

    Return to Misty Moorings: LINK: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/



    Norm RTMM Staff/Admin





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