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    Top of the World For X-Plane

    Today the first stage of the Top of the World series was launched. This first package includes the northwestern part of Greenland, part of the extreme northeastern Canada including 144,000 km2 of mesh terrain to complement the Global scenery of X-Plane. In addition to the mesh were developed Thule Air Base, the most extreme US air base, which is located approximately 750 miles from the North Pole.


    As the global scenery of X-Plane had not yet covered this geographic area, its timely for the virtual pilot who likes to fly in the polar regions. It was a lot of work geoprocessing from scratch and try to create with maximum fidelity this magnificent and historic air base, important stage of secret operations during the Cold War.


    Once the Air Base had to 15,000 residents working on a surveillance system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. Currently the base receives visitors who want to know the place and its history.


    Designed for X-Plane and available from the Simmarket
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