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    Toposim Continents arrives in Alaska!


    North America - Alaska Southeast is now available for immediate download, including nearly 300,000 square kilometers covered in an unprecedented, often spectacular rendition of large swaths of Alaska's urban areas and wilderness with LOD13 / 5m terrain mesh. Along with Alaska Panhandle released last week, two of the six regions are now complete. The two completed regions available for immediate download and subsequent regions can be obtained by simply logging into your account and clicking the Downloads tab.

    This new Toposim Continents Alaska product is a little different than previous releases with the use of highly-detailed and accurate 5m IFSAR source data covering much of the state, which should be a boon for bush-flyers, low and slow, enjoying the incredible detail of the closer terrain.

    The views can be stunning - with one caveat. Five-meter terrain detail only extends out a few kilometers from your viewpoint due to hard-coded LOD restraints. Jet fighters and airliiners won't notice a difference at FL35, but when flying low and slow up a fjord in a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, the detail will pop out at you, and add considerable enjoyment to that sort of touring flight.

    Toposim are taking pre-orders for the whole package, which will consist of six regions, Panhandle, Southeast, both available now, and four more regions - Southwest, Interior, Arctic, and Western Alaska - over the next 3-4 weeks. As a means to finance production, this initial release is priced in pre-order more than HALF-OFF what the Toposim Alaska 5m terrain Bundle will cost when completed, three-to-four weeks ahead. Price will rise in increments as further regions are released every week or so. Early adopters will only have to log in and click My Account in the Toposim Distribution Center to download their additional regions.

    So if you are a fan of Alaska flying, this new Toposim Alaska terrain will provide unprecedented, breathtaking terrain detail for those bush flights to remote destinations.

    Visit the Toposim Homepage for further information

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