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    Toposim Continents

    Justin Toposim

    The past two months have seen the release of the 48 contiguous United States in 10m from the latest USGS 10m 3DEP source data, the whole of Canada covered with 19m terrain mesh rendered from the latest 20m NRC CDEM source data, and most recently the complete South American Continent 19m terrain mesh primarily-rendered from the latest, freshest USGS SRTM 1-arc second source data, fixed and massaged in-house to eliminate spikes, voids, outliers and other anomalies.


    As with all Toposim Continents terrain mesh products, these coverages are organized by continent bundle, by regional bundle, or drill down into individual countries. These products have been extracted from the best publicly-available source data and represent the next generation of flight simulator topography, compatible across a variety of FSX-derivative platforms, and going forward the proprietary Toposim Continents GEOTIFF Dataset will convert over to those platforms still on the drawing boards.


    Stop by Toposim.net today and browse through their extensive and growing catalog of the terrain mesh of the future . . . add to cart, download, install, enjoy . . ."

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