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    Traffic 360 From Just Flight Inbound


    Traffic 360 - the latest generation of the Traffic X series for FSX and Prepar3D will be arriving shortly.


    An Upgrade from Traffic X to Traffic 360 will be available as a Download on the 31st October and will update the existing Traffic X program (Download or Boxed) to the full Traffic 360 specifications with all the new features and updates. This Upgrade from Traffic X to Traffic 360 is available to pre-order now at reduced cost, the price from 31st October will increase. This will only work as an upgrade so it’s key that you own Traffic X already.


    The standard Download and Boxed editions of Traffic 360 will be released on the 16th November With more flights, more aircraft and more features, Traffic 360 is the definitive AI traffic expansion for FSX and Prepar3D. Traffic 360 features the most realistic worldwide aircraft schedules ever, adding over half a million flight plans and over 2,400 individual aircraft variants to your flight simulator world!


    See the Upgrade from Traffic X to Traffic 360 page for full details and screenshots!




    Due to popular demand Just Flight created PDF documents of 21 German manuals for some of our recent add-ons.


    These are exactly the same as the printed manuals which are supplied with the boxed versions in Germany. If you've bought any of the Download editions you can download the complete PDF of the German manual from the Just Flight Support section .


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