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    U-Bahn Frankfurt for TS2015


    The new U-Bahn Frankfurt route expansion for TS2015 is now available by Download at a reduced price until 10pm Sunday 5 April, when the price will revert to normal .


    Important! Please note that U-Bahn Frankfurt requires the Munich-Augsburg Route (available to purchase via Steam) to be installed for it to function correctly.


    U-Bahn Frankfurt lets you drive over 60 kilometres along eight lines (U1 to U4 and U6 to U9) and through 74 detailed stations of the Frankfurt U-Bahn network, 27 of which are under ground. Features include an authentic signalling system, custom sounds, countless custom objects and detailed urban, underground and semi-rural environments.


    Accurately modelled U5-25 (bi-directional unit) / U5-50 (single-directional unit) trains featuring authentic advanced operations are included for you to drive and are complete with the on-board IBIS information system as well as an 'Informator' audio announcements utility which lets you play authentic audio announcements as you drive each route.


    U-Bahn Frankfurt is Quick Drive enabled and includes 14 Standard scenarios and one Free Roam (please note that some scenarios require the payware BR420 and BR423 locomotives).



    Visit the U-Bahn Frankfurt Product Page for further information,

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