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    Ultimate 146 Collection Boxed Edition


    QualityWings The '>Ultimate 146 Collection Boxed Edition is out now for FS2004 and FSX, released earlier this summer in download form for Flight Simulator 2004 and also with a ground-up Flight Simulator X version.

    The title is now available in boxed edition with printed manuals and includes both FS2004 and FSX simulator editions in one great value package.


    Although nicknamed the ‘Whisperjet’ by its pilots, you won’t be flying in silence: QualityWings’ Passenger Announcement System (QWPAS) plays airline announcements and cabin sounds triggered by flight activity and even has airline-specific safety announcements based on the livery you’ve chosen!


    The Avro RJ features many huge improvements to both cabin and flight deck of the original BAe146 design, with new ALF507 engines, FADEC, semi-digital flight deck instrumentation and a new GNLU910 FMC. QualityWings are renowned for their ‘Complexity simplified’ approach to flight simulation, making the QW146 enjoyable for both beginners and expert sim pilots.


    The real-life 146 aircraft is a very complex aircraft even though the aircraft has a high level of automation in the systems, so QualityWings have simplified things to allow you to perform a flight without getting too bogged down in complex procedures in either the 2D or 3D flight decks in this remarkable ‘baby Jumbo’.

    The boxed edition of QualityWings ‘The Ultimate146 Collection’ is available from your favourite flight sim retailer

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