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    Ultimate Terrain X Updates Released


    Scenery Solutions and Flight 1 have just released an update for “UTX Tropical America And Caribbean”, which is also known as UTX TAC. The update will raise the current retail product to version 1.1. In addition to addressing any enhancement requests, the update provides a brand new waterclass feature for UTX TAC. The enhanced waterclass is especially important in the Caribbean region, because the default FSX waterclass was designed to work with the default FSX coastlines and not the more accurate UTX coastlines.


    The UTX TAC update is the 3 rd UTX product update released in the last 5 months. In September 2012, Scenery Solutions released the next update for Ultimate Terrain X – Europe (version 1.5). In December 2012, Scenery Solutions released the next update patch for Ultimate Terrain X – USA (version 1.6).


    Updates are currently in the works for Ultimate Alaska X and Ultimate Terrain X – Canada.


    As in the past, there is no charge for upgrading existing Ultimate Terrain products.


    All of the Ultimate Terrain X products can be purchased from Flight1. The UTX updates can be downloaded from the Scenery Solutions site below:




    For questions on any UTX product, please visit the support forum for Ultimate Terrain products.







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