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    Updates from Wee Tune Beastie


    Wee Tune Beastie, an applet that allows listeners to listen to Sky Blue Radio has received its latest update. Latest updated version 3.2 includes:


    • Improved performance

    • Larger Quick Com display

    • Redesigned User Interface (Graphics, size, and placements)

    • Improved DJ schedule

    • Addition Simulation Resource links

    • One button operation for Flight Simulation Integration, settings and Misc operations

    • Improved Audio

    • Switchable skin colors

    • Misc internal improvements


    To get your copy of this free stand-alone application visit their website . Sky Blue Radio broadcasts 24/7 around the world. Listeners can tune in to Sky Blue Radio by accessing our website at skyblueradio.com. Listeners may also tune in via their com 2 radios on 123.45 with our Wee Tune Beastie application available for download on our website. We are now available via Black Berry or iPhone through radiotuner.mobi/SkyBlueRadio; Android listeners can access Sky Blue Radio by downloading the Sky Blue Radio application from Google Play.

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